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Users & Applications

With the help of E2M  Insight Developer, developers and system integrators reduce the cost and time of product development; they enhance their product portfolio and optimize their marketing strategies.

By using E2M  Insight Distributor, distributors benchmark available technologies and specific products in order to identify the best partner for exclusive distribution.  E2M  Insight Distributor also enables distributors to evaluate their market prospects, and to optimize their contracting and marketing strategies (among other things).

For example,
M  Insight Utility helps utilities analyze  ,the effects of virtual power stations comprised of thousands of micro cogeneration systems.

Government agencies and interest groups analyze with E2M  Insight Market, the economic and environmental impacts of micro combined heat and power. They further evaluate pros and cons of different market frameworks and support strategies.

Investors evaluate investment opportunities with our certified E2M  Insight Investor reports for specific products, companies, and markets.



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E2M Insight

E2M Insight is the leading market analysis and product development system for all micro combined heat and power technologies. It provides insight into your markets and products unavailable anywhere else.


Available Products

There are several E2M Insight product lines, each developed for the specific needs of the different user groups:

►  E2M  Insight Developer

►  E2M  Insight Distributor

►  E2M  Insight Utility

►  E2M  Insight Market

►  E2M  Insight Investor

All of these E2M Insight products are modular and will be customized to your specific requirements and they are all available as:

Market analysis &
     product development system

Enables you to carry out your own analyses by providing you with the crucial insights and thus allowing you to develop a better "feel" for the market.

Customized certified report
Reliable independent analysis accepted by third parties

Consulting services
Benefit from our outstanding experience in the micro cogeneration sector



Exclusive market and product insights


More precise, reliable, economical than any other system due to economies of scale

bullet Most widely used system worldwide

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