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►  E2M  Insight
Provides a general overview of E2M Insight, its applications and benefits.  It describes the different user needs and the matching E2M Insight products.


Product Groups
User, applications, and benefits of the individual E2M Insight product groups:

►  E2M  Insight Developer
For developers and system integrators

►  E2M  Insight Distributor
For distributors, contractors, energy service companies, and energy utilities

►  E2M  Insight Utility
For energy utilities

►  E2M  Insight Market
For governments, general interest groups, and energy utilities

►  E2M  Insight Investor
For investors offering or evaluating investment opportunities


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System Description
& Sample Results

The E2M Insight System flyer illustrates how E2M Insight works, clarifies the shortcomings of other systems, and lists key inputs and results.  The E2M Insight Results flyer displays selected results.  Just send an email or call to request your personal copy.

Further Information

Ask us for your individual E2M Insight demonstration to find out how you can benefit from E2M Insight.  Simply contact us at +49 (30) 44 031 036 or email us




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